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What is Online Personal Training?
Simple and to the point, it means that you do not have to come to me and I do not have to come to you. You save money in transportation and so do I, which means Online Personal Training is a cost-effective means for you to have me train you as if we were to train together in person. My programs are specially designed for this level of training so that you will not need a spotter and you receive the Maximum benefit of Online Personal Training.

How does Online Personal Training Work?
That is simple. Today nearly everyone has a webcam. They are bundled in our computers, laptops, tablets, even our mobile phones! This means that we can use a variety of technology to achieve your goal.

Why Personal Training via Webcam?

Most people nowadays do not have enough time to go to the gym. With Online Personal Training via webcam, the gym comes to you! You can work out on your lunch hour or at any time of day that works for you. Excuse gone! Don ' t like the “ meat market ” atmosphere? I don ' t either. When you work out at home or in your office, you don ' t have to compete with anyone, dress up for anyone, or be distracted by anyone. Excuse gone!

Many people already own equipment, and don ' t want to join a gym (and shouldn ' t have to). You may own exercise videos that you don ' t watch (or ONLY watch, and don ' t actually participate.) You have probably researched basic weight training, and have a basic idea of what to do, but you ' re not doing it. THAT is why my program works! I research every client constantly so that I can get your to your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

Having a trainer work with you can teach you how to properly use the equipment you have, motivate you (when you have the time and resources and just don ' t do it anyway) and give you ideas of things you can use — right in your home — to improve your fitness and health.

Too busy to go to the gym?

I will bring the gym to you! I will come to your home or office via webcam. A good trainer can train anyone with very little if no equipment so no worries there. I provide the fitness and exercise plan, the education and the motivation. All you provide is the desire to change.

Will you work with my schedule?
Of course! Your personal training appointments are scheduled at times that are convenient for you, when you can be free of distraction, and when you feel that you can be at your best for your workout.

This is more than a job to me!
I don ' t just show up. When we begin I bring all of my “ training world ” expertise and experience into your session, for every session. For me, it ' s more than a workout. It ' s an opportunity to provide you with all the education, experience, and motivation you need in order to maintain a lifestyle of health, wellness, and strength of mind and body.

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