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Eve helped me reach my goals of feeling better about myself, losing weight, gaining endurance, and maintaining my results. With her motivation, boundless energy, and love of fitness, exercise, and "clean" eating, Eve helped influence me to do the same. After weighing 165 pounds, Eve prepared me for my first 26.2 mile walking marathon when I could barely run for five minutes, much less walk for 8 hours. The end result was six months later I completed the eight hour walk and dropped over 30 pounds!

Now at 118 pounds, for over SIX years, I workout, do my 26.2 mile walking marathon every year, and feel and look better than I did in high school and my 20's! I have known Eve over 10 years and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve or continue to better their workouts and themselves.

Melissa Burke - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I started training with Eve on 09/08/2005. At the time I was 112lbs. at 5ft.5in. with no muscle tone. My age is 36. I was scheduled to have a double prophylactic mastectomy on Oct. 24 2005. The Doctors encouraged me to gain weight so my surgery would not be as invasive for the reconstruction process. Since the start of our training we had to stop and start many times to allow for healing. Due to Eve's knowledge and help, I am now weighing in at a fabulous 128lbs my strength, muscle tone and flexibility are improving daily.

Now I do not have to under go the more invasive reconstruction Doctors are pleased with the results and have said they wish all of their patients could have someone as knowledgeable as Eve Stoner. She also brought down my dangerously high cholesterol and raised my good cholesterol by teaching me how to eat for life.

I know I will continue to apply the knowledge she gave me forever.

Christa Taylor - Jacksonville, NC

Eve is truly an awesome and lovely person. My only regret is not having met her long ago.

Glenn Newsome - Surf City, NC

If I could convince her I would gladly pay to move Eve back to Ft.Lauderdale. As my trainer for a number of years, she helped me far surpass my goals. My body is better than it was in my 20's. My heart is just as healthy. The tools she gave me have helped me live a life full of energy (which I need to take care of my two small children).

Tony Picard (63yrs old) - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I put on a pair of pants today that I use to struggle to get into, but now I can put on with no problems at all! Yesterday I wore a skirt that I have not worn in 2 years!

Choco - USMC, MCAS New River, NC

NUTRITIONIST, PERSONAL TRAINER, AND NOW…EVANGELIST? It's been less than a week and she already has me closer to God, for now I pray often. ;-)
I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to the future and the changes that it will bring. You are a blessing, Eve!

Debell - Jacksonville, N.C

Good Morning Eve, Ricky said his legs and butt are SORE? but he feels great. Thank you so much!

Michelle W. - Jacksonville, NC

I have to admit, I did not do my homework. We, Keith and I, used the last day and a half munching on things that we knew we were giving up. I did go grocery shopping and bought more fruits and veggies (no canned veggies) Tomorrow, we start off a NEW LIFE! My abs feel sore,but not debilitating. My legs are a little sore.
Looking forward to you yelling at me and giving me the what for!!! have a great night!

The Pattersons - Jacksonville, NC

I just wanted to let you know that as I am writing this to you, my body is sweating from a 30 minute elliptical workout and about 25 minutes of various stretching exercises. Whewwwwweeeee girl, I feel good! My ass is sore, my abs are killing me,but I feel great! Thanks for having Christine call me! She speaks very highly of you..:)

Y.P. - Jacksonville, NC

Hi Eve, Colby (12 years old) enjoyed his first workout with you and he is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. He did not have any soreness after his Thursday workout. Thanks!

Lisa C. - Jacksonville, NC

Thanks so much for the encouragement today. I actually feel better because I feel like I accomplished something and made the best of my time and effort. It does help also to be accountable. Thanks again!

Joanne Carter - Jacksonville, NC

Ok, evil woman, you killed me! When I got up this morning there was no way that I could do any exercise, my whole body was exhausted, dead tired. Finally I went walking at 4. It took 20 minutes before I could walk faster than my grandma! I was good today except for the ice cream- got ya, it was fat free and sugar free. Seriously lots of veg, fruits, h20. Well that's it. Have a good weekend, see ya Monday.

Claire Z. - Jacksonville, NC

Hello Devil woman, You have literally killed me, LOL.. Really though; I am mostly fine except those muscles you told me about on the top of my thighs. It is very difficult to go up steps at the moment but coming down those steps is HELL! At my job, the only restrooms we have are on the second floor (two flights of stairs). I cursed you on every one...lol.
I ate the same as usuall today and went to the gym for my cardio (40 min on eliptical level 6). Y sides are kinda tender and my shoulders in the front and back also but they don't hurt like my thighs do. I am proud of myself though because I finished everything except the last set of leg lifts. I really didn't think I would be able to do all that you expected of me.
Thanks a million!

J.C. - Jacksonville, NC

By the way my butt hurts and it’s all your fault evil woman!

Claire Z. - Jacksonville, NC

Thanks to our Eve I am Turing into fitness freak. I know it sounds silly but I ran for a full 8 min. today. My belief use to be that I wouldn't run unless someone was trying to kill me. Oh yea she has me working out for almost 2 hours a day. What a rush! It really is addictive.

Christa Taylor - Jacksonville, N.C.

Yes, that is Eve! 8 minutes is great! It will turn into longer each time you go. I could not do even 2 minutes when I started and I had to stop every time and walk and then try again for a whole mile. Now I am up to 4 or 5 miles a day!!! It is such a great feeling to see how far you can get. Make sure she is letting you listen to music it is so relaxing!!! Trust me, if you aren't working out Eve WILL be running after you!

Mellisa Burke - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Just wanted to let you know that you are such a wonderfully positive person. I feel that God sent you to me to help me with my health issue. Your "talents" were given to you by God and ultimately, I feel he brought you down this road to help others and that is a wonderful thing.

Yvonne P. - Jacksonville, NC

Eve, Thank you for motivating me today and making me feel comfortable to be open and honest for a change. I can assure you that I am now willing and dedicated to transforming my diet and exercise as per your prescription. All the best.

CC Span - USMC, Camp LeJeune, NC

I am WORKING at this so hard, now for the sneak attack on the kids and the husband! Ha! Thank you for giving me ideas on how to communicate with them in order to get what I need.

Mary O. - Jacksonville,NC

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