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Initial Visit - Part I:
Before a plan of action can be designed that will achieve the most optimum wellness results, I must first understand what your needs and concerns are, and what goals YOU wish to accomplish. In addition, it is necessary on this first visit to determine YOUR unique metabolism via Metabolic Analysis (energy expenditure and calculated caloric intake), so that the most accurate plan of care can be designed. Having a copy of your recent medical test results will also assist me in determining your individual metabolic concerns.

In the initial consultation, you and I will both be getting to know each other in order to establish a mutually trusting relationship. My priority during this session is to LISTEN to you. You can be rest assured that I treat all of your personal information with the highest-level of confidentiality and a caring and supportive atmosphere will be evident of my intent to support you in every way I can.

In our initial consultation you should plan on allowing approximately 1 hour. Before our initial consultation, it’s always best to communicate and get to know one another. I usually accomplish this by phone, online video chat and email. At that time, we can ask each other as many questions just to get to know each other.

Initial Visit - Part II:
With the results obtained from the Metabolic Analysis, our initial consultation together, and nutritional assessment, I will create a plan of action that will be engineered according to YOUR goals. And then the fun begins.

No person should radically change all their eating habits overnight as that will physically and emotionally be detrimental to your goals.

Please note that prices are sliding scale. This is not about the money, but fulfilling my dream of helping as many people as possible. I will never give you more than you can handle….And I know what you can handle.

KNOW- that you are untapped potential.

KNOW- that I have never failed and I won't fail you.

- Eve -

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